Ten Mile Mountain Jam

Tenmile Mountain JamLike many locales around our state and Nation, Yachats is famous for it's parties and gatherings.

One annual event that attracts folks from all over Oregon and adjoining States is commonly known as the Tenmile Mountain Jam.

This is a three day, (invitation only) festival located on a remote property several miles up Tenmile Creek. Now, if you haven't had the opportunity to explore the Tenmile Creek area, I can tell you it would be well worth your time to take a hike or drive out to see one of the most beautifully forested areas in Weste America.

The site is surrounded by National forest land and is wild and scenic, to say the least. There's Old Growth timber and rare fauna all over the mountain.

For the past eleven years Rich Kluser has hosted the Tenmile Mountain Jam, and with only a couple exceptions, it has been held at the same place. His home.

The party is traditionally held in August, but occasionally, it has been a July event. In years past, head counts have exceeded a thousand people participating in the festival, but this year there was a more intimate gathering of several hundred.

Folks set up tents on the property and in a nearby public campground. Others sleep in their cars and vans that line the Tenmile creek road. There are lots of cook-stoves goin' in the moing all over the place.

Wednesday, the sound crews show up with the gear and start setting up for what will be as many as 15 bands playing over a three day period on an outdoor stage.

When I say three day that means (officially) three days and nights... the music goes all night into the next moing.

And unofficially, bands involved in the "set up" portion of the event, and other "early bird musicians", start jamming Wednesday Evening (to test the equipment) and as more and more groups arrive this warm up period evolves in to an out and out musical extravaganza.

After being fully and thoroughly tested and the stage is set for the event, the "real" music starts. That's where the fun begins.

The official (and traditional) opening band was "Mental Ward" from Yachats. Our group is comprised of Drummer Rich, Mad Annie, Mad Max, Linda, DomeDave, and Bob Whann.

We've been jamming together for many years with no direction, discipline, or goals until now. Mental ward is well known in Yachats.

We will play almost any party at the drop of a hat. On the beach, in a garage, or on the side of a mountain. We'll play.


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